Monday, August 20, 2012

I changed my mind.

I actually transferred to another link, but I guess I just had too much fun writing on this page so I decided to continue blogging here starting today. :) I also began browsing several long-time friends of mine in the 'blogosphere' and surprisingly, most of them still kept the same links! Therefore, I am sooo reconnecting. Ah, I missed writing!

Well anyway, let me know if you guys want to exchange links. You can also subscribe via Facebook. Just CLICK HERE. :)


  1. I feel the same way. I haven't blogged for months. Played with Tumblr etc. for a bit. Then I finally decided to go back to personal blogging. Same place, same site. :)

    1. I found Tumblr interesting for some time too. Although I'm more of a classic blogger, since I needed more space for my thoughts. Welcome back to blogging :) Exchange links?

  2. OMG sis, I miss you! of course I still rmmber you and always will! Glad to see you back in blogsphere sis. Muaah! Happy Blogging.

  3. Gud :) Cause I remember you the most. Sis, I already posted your link on my blogroll. Care to add mine? See you around. :)

  4. Welcome Back Sis. When I saw your url on my dashboard, I was like "For real?" Coz most of the bloggers few years ago had moved or changed their links.

    Added your link on my link page..